A Look at a Defense Criminal Attorney in Yorkville and Whether the Prosecution Side of Criminal Law Has Swung Too Far

The criminal justice system has gone a bit out of control, and the pendulum has swung a little too far in the wrong direction. The swift justice system capitalized on putting people into prison due to rising crime rates, but now the prosecution and justice system seems a little too eager to add even more people to the jail system. It seems that prosecuting people is the main objective, and not necessarily giving them a fair trial with dedicated time and attention to hear all the details.

This is certainly the case for some people who end up in the hands of a court-appointed attorney with too much on their plate and not enough time available to help all of their clients. offers a valuable resource for an aggressive criminal attorney in Yorkville defense.

A Political System

Political factors play a major role. Statistics affect elections, and elections are valuable to a few people at the very top. Prosecution numbers are expected to be sustained, but this feeds into a system that unfavorably looks at individuals who have committed petty to moderate crimes. There should be a consequence, but that consequence does not need to be bloated to prove a statistical average or to reach certain rates within the system. People are becoming victims of an agenda that pushes prosecution in the face of the law.

Present the Best, Be Transparent

All of this is why individuals need to act quickly and be transparent in the court of law. There are many people doing an amazing job and encouraging favorable and justified outcomes. But, it is ultimately up to the person in defense and the attorney to shape a story that is seen in a good light.

It seems that nearly every area of law has seen a crunch in the legal expectations and standards. Crimes are being prosecuted with intense scrutiny far more than ever before. Though some of it can be justified, a lot of it is an exaggerated lack of substance blown out of proportion due to rising crime rates, political motivations, and other factors. It is a tricky system for a criminal attorney in Yorkville, which is why a person in the defense chair needs every advantage they can get.

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