A Perfect Partnership: Distance Learning with Rhema an Scu

Not everyone can afford the time to pursue a degree on campus, especially if you’re raising a family or have a full time job. That’s why our fully online course offerings are a great fit for people who want to pursue a professional degree who have already studied in another setting.

1. Benefits to Studying at SCU After Rhema

If you have completed the two year certificate program at Rhema Bible Training Center, you will be eligible for up to 30 semester credits at SCU. As you work toward a Bachelor of Professional Leadership (BPL), you will be ahead of the game and also be eligible for tuition reductions.

Not only does this save you money and time, but it also highlights the strong partnership between SCU and Rhema, which not only includes the practical perks of enrollment, but also falls closely in line with all the teachings Rhema students have already devoted themselves to.

2. Online Opportunities

One of the most attractive aspects of our program in association with Rhema is the fact that it’s offered completely online. Whether you’re nearby to the main SCU campus, or you’re hours away, it’s possible to pursue a higher education that fits into your schedule.

There is no reason not to continue to follow a calling toward Christ’s teachings and a professional life spent within the ministry just because you need to work for a living or have a family. Our online courses offer a roster of different options for distance learning students.

3. Rhema and SCU’s Shared Principles

Rhema’s core principles include a strict adherence to the scriptures and teachings of Jesus, centering around several main principles:

  • The Scriptures
  • The Godhead
  • Man’s Fall and Redemption
  • Eternal Life and New Birth
  • Baptism in the Water and Holy Ghost
  • Sanctification
  • Divine Healing
  • Resurrection and Return of Jesus
  • Hell and Retribution

One reason why our partnership with Rhema is strong is that we share the same values and commitment to these core beliefs. The program we offer at SCU for Rhema certificate holders is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to continue the type of study and feels a strong affinity with the philosophies of Rhema.

As you pursue a BLP, you’ll be able to continue to consistently continue your pursuit of these guiding principles, and in the end emerge with a degree.

One of SCU’s most exciting programs is our relationship with Rhema Bible training center which offers online courses on.

SCU is the perfect choice for Rhema students to continue their studies, with lots of benefits in all areas. Check out our different course descriptions and admission requirements today, and start on your journey to a new degree.

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