A Social Security Attorney Helps Applicants File Claims and Appeals for Disability Benefits

When U.S. residents are planning to apply for Social Security disability benefits, they can hire a Social Security attorney to assist with the application or complete the process without legal representation. Many applicants decide to hire a lawyer to help since more than 60% of claims are denied, according to the Social Security Disability Resource Center. Appealing a denial is the next step if this happens.

Legal Assistance for the Initial Claim

Having a Social Security Attorney working on the initial claim or the appeal makes the application process much less stressful. The lawyer knows what the Administration is looking for in regard to approving claims. Many claimants fill out the complicated application forms inadequately, leaving out essential information. The Administration representatives want to be certain the applicant is truly unable to earn a living, and they need verification of that in the claim.

During the free consultation and throughout the process after being hired by the client, the lawyer knows the right questions to ask and how to gather all the required information. That could mean scheduling an appointment with a different doctor who is not the person’s primary physician. It might mean talking with work colleagues who have witnessed firsthand the person’s inability to do the job full-time any longer.

Filing an Appeal for a Denied Claim

After a person has applied for benefits without the help of an organization like Social Security Law Center and has been denied, it’s essential to act quickly to get an appeal filed. The Administration allows appeals for 60 days after the denial date. If this is not completed by the deadline, the person must start over with a new claim if they hope to receive disability benefits.

These attempts at claim approval can take a long time since the Administration receives so many applications. Some people wait years before their claim is finally approved. Although that can be a hardship, once approval occurs, they are eligible to receive back payments retroactive to the date of their initial application. Anyone who needs assistance with these matters can begin by visiting the website website.com.

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