Adding A Coolant Separator To Your Shop

Any shop in the metalworking industry understands the ongoing costs associated with the need to continually replace coolant. By installing an effective coolant separator and filtration system, any business can save money in the cost of contaminated coolant disposal while also lowering the need to purchase new coolant.

Depending on the coolant separator and filtration system installed, a machine shop can expect to see a drop in their costs of waste disposal of old coolant by as much as 85 to 90%. Additionally, since the coolant has a much longer life cycle, the cost of new coolant also drops, with some shops seeing reductions in the total cost of new coolant of up to 80%.

Portable or Centralized

When considering a coolant separator and filtration system, a primary consideration should be the choice of a centralized system or a portable system. A centralized system is a permanent fixture in the shop and cycles coolant from all equipment on a continual basis. Most of these are designed with very low maintenance requirements and designed to operate on an automatic basis, eliminating the need for specialized operator control or oversight of the process.

The portable types of separators are practical in smaller shops or shops with limited equipment or challenges with space. The choice of a portable system also reduces the cost of running the lines to and from equipment to the separator unit. The downside is that these portable systems can only be used on one coolant reservoir or sump at a time.

The best of either of these systems can be customized to the needs of your shop. They can also be used to remove solids and other types of contaminants from the coolant, serving a greater function and providing a better quality of coolant even with high numbers of cycles through the system.

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