Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Cataract Surgery In Dearborn MI

As they age, many people develop cataracts. In fact, most people who are over seventy years old have had cataracts at some time in their lives. Cataracts are basically cloudiness of the eye that can make it difficult for you to see. If you have cataracts, your eye doctor will likely recommend that you have Cataract Surgery in Dearborn MI. However, before you schedule your appointment for surgery, it’s important to take to take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of cataract surgery.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having cataract surgery is that it can greatly improve your vision. In fact, after having surgery, some people find that they no longer need to wear their glasses. Plus, most patients are able to recover from cataract surgery fairly quickly. Many of the people who have cataracts are also sensitive to light, so things like sunlight and the glare from vehicle headlights can often make it difficult for them to focus. However, after cataract surgery, most patients say that their sensitivity to light greatly decreases. Also, cataract surgery has made it easier for people to distinguish between colors that are similar.

In most situations the advantages of having Cataract Surgery in Dearborn MI greatly outweigh the disadvantages. However, before you schedule your surgery, it’s important to consider the disadvantages, as well. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that cataract surgery will be effective. Also, especially individuals who have health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. After you have surgery, you will also need to have several follow-up appointments to make sure that there are no complications with your surgery. If you have a busy schedule, this can be rather inconvenient.

It’s easy to see that there are both advantages and disadvantages of having cataract surgery. If you think that this procedure may be a good option for you, contact Eye Surgery Institute. During your appointment, you will be able to discuss the symptoms that you’ve been having and they will be able to determine whether or not cataract surgery is the best option. Plus, if you feel that cataract surgery isn’t right for you, the office offers a variety of other services including eye exams and diagnostic testing that will help keep your eyes healthy.