Advantages For A Middle-Aged Woman In Working With A Personal Trainer In Wellington FL

When middle-aged women enter perimenopause and menopause, they are prone to certain effects that can have a negative impact on their well-being. One common symptom is disrupted sleep, which can lead to fatigue and low energy. It’s also very common for women at this time to gain 10 or 12 lbs., finding themselves weighing more than they ever did before. That extra body weight can seem very stubborn and difficult to lose. Working with a Personal Trainer in Wellington FL is an ideal way of resolving these two problems and it offers other particular benefits for women in this stage of life.

Exercise burns calories. Aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and resistance training builds muscle. Weight-bearing exercise builds bone density and prevents osteoporosis. All these activities can be included in sessions with a Personal Trainer in Wellington FL. Over time, the woman discovers she is able to be physically active for much longer than she used to be. Instead of becoming tired after 30 minutes of bike riding, she might continue for an hour or two. She loses the extra weight she had put on. She enjoys seeing the development of lean muscle and the loss of flab.

In addition, she greatly appreciates knowing she is doing something important for her bone health and reducing the risk of fractures. Women after menopause are especially at risk of losing bone density and strength, so the trainer is likely to recommend taking walks regularly or going jogging if there are no joint problems. These weight-bearing activities are easy for most individuals and convenient to fit into a busy schedule. Using the stairs instead of an elevator and parking a car a good distance from the destination are other advantageous choices.

Middle-aged women may worry that they won’t fit in at a facility such as Fitness At Your Door. They know that a lot of the members are younger and in very good physical condition. However, this type of center welcomes people of all ages and fitness levels, and working with a personal trainer in Wellington FL allows each individual to move at his or her own pace.