Advantages Of Buying A Used Car From A Dealership

When the time comes for you to replace your car you really have two options; you can search the newspapers, bulletin boards and internet hoping you can find what you have in mind from a private seller or you can visit a used Chevy dealership in Blue Island and select from a wide range of used and certified pre-owned cars. Although you may get a slightly better price when you buy privately, you are putting yourself at risk. There are advantages to buying from a dealership, advantages that certainly won’t get elsewhere.

Add on a few options:

Although you are not buying a new car this does not mean that you can’t get additional options from the dealership. Although they are nice, the options available from a dealership are more than just a set of high-end wheels or an upgraded sound system.  There are options available that simply are not available elsewhere; you can get an extended warranty from a dealership, a dealership often adds certain after-sale benefits such as a free oil change or tune up. These are options that you simply won’t get from a private party.


The reputation of a used Chevy dealership in Blur Island is of paramount importance. The best dealers are those that offer the best service to their customers. If you have a problem with the car after you purchase it, you can bet the best dealerships will be there to help. Try to get after sale satisfaction from a private seller; you won’t. Once a private seller gets your money, the deal is done, as the buyer you can expect no further help in the event of a problem.

As well as an extended warranty and reputation, a used Chevy dealership in Blue island can provide you with financing options; rarely, if ever, would a lender consider financing a car purchased from any place other than a dealership.

If you are looking for a high quality, reliable used car the best place to find it is at a used Chevy dealer in Blue Island. You are invited to visit Hawk Bridgeview and look at their inventory of high quality used cars, all of which have been tested, inspected and prepared to meet the expectations of the most demanding buyer.

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