Advantages of Having Exterior Contractors in Madison WI Install an Asphalt Driveway Instead of Concrete

Concrete is the most popular material for driveways, but many residential property owners ask Exterior Contractors in Madison WI to install asphalt instead. They have a few specific reasons for doing so.

Price, Appearance and Ease of Repair

The material is less expensive, making it more appealing for long driveways. Property owners outside of town commonly have longer driveways with the house set back a good distance from the road. In addition, many people like the way asphalt looks because of its rich black surface. They find this more attractive than plain gray concrete.

A third advantage is that asphalt as installed by exterior contractors in Madison WI is easier to repair if it cracks. Asphalt cracks can be filled and sealed as long as the work is done before the flaws become too large. When concrete cracks, that part of the slab typically must be cut out and replaced.

Landscaping Enhancement

Rural property owners outside the city limits often start with an unpaved driveway. Eventually they typically choose to have gravel placed on the surface or installation of blacktop. Gravel is very affordable and prevents problems with ruts developing in muddy land, but it has to be raked back into place periodically. Fresh black asphalt enhances the landscaping and may be part of an exterior home improvement project that includes new fencing and a rock garden.

Ongoing Maintenance

After installation by a contractor such as Tri-County Paving, ongoing maintenance will keep the blacktop looking great. The driveway should typically be resealed every three years, which will freshen its appearance and prevent deterioration. If any cracks or small holes develop, they can be filled in and sealed by the contractor or as a do-it-yourself project with materials from a home improvement store.

Preventive maintenance significantly extends the lifespan of the pavement so property owners do not have to get resurfacing done as soon or replace sections of the driveway. If someone has bought a property on which the previous owners did not maintain the asphalt driveway, an overlay can restore its beauty after the flaws are repaired. Browse our website to get started.

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