Advice About Pet Bathing in Alexandria, VA

Caring pet owners do all they can to give their animals the love and attention they need. Pet grooming is no longer a luxury only available to wealthy owners and pampered pets. Millions of dogs and cats attend salons to keep their fur shining and ears cleaned. Not all pets require lengthy grooming appointments but most will benefit from a good bath. Pet Bathing in Alexandria VA is an example of the preventative care that helps dogs and cats to have a happier, healthier life.

Choosing a Schedule

Non-shedding pets, very active animals and dogs with a lot of wrinkled skin require a bath at least once a month. Older, obese and long-haired cats fall into this category as well. Skipping a month in-between baths is advised for short haired animals with normal shedding coats. Bathing a pet too frequently could lead to skin irritation because it strips their natural oils. Freshen the fur with a waterless shampoo if the pet is too “fragrant” between baths.

Bathing at Home

There is nothing wrong with at-home Pet Bathing in Alexandria VA but there are reasons to use a professional groomer at least occasionally. Groomers are often the first to identify skin conditions, developing ear infections and suspicious lumps. Even something as simple as rough paw pads or brittle toenails will stand out to a professional and might be missed by an owner. Groomers also know how to trim nails and clean ears without causing discomfort.

Additional Grooming Necessities

Brushing a pet every day will remove debris, prevent tangling and distribute natural oils through the fur to keep it shiny. Brushing their teeth may seem ridiculous to some pet owners, but there are valid reasons for making this a daily habit. Bad breath is one, but gum disease and tooth decay are more concerning. Dental abscesses are as painful for a pet as they are for humans and they can affect their overall health by reducing their desire to eat.

Groomers offer advice to help their clients care for their pets at home. They provide instruction on brushing teeth and clipping nails as well as recommending the best shampoo and other products. Contact us to set up an appointment and to learn more about how good grooming keeps animals healthier.