Affordable Parking Lot Maintenance Through Resurfacing, Patching and Sealing

A paved parking and driving area is necessary for any business to maintain a professional appearance. Pavement is also safer to walk across and makes snow removal much easier. Businesses that keep their pavement maintained will have less dust both inside and out of their building. Every paving job requires periodic maintenance to keep it looking its best. The traffic it receives and the constant wear from rain and snow will eventually lead to cracks and potholes. Parking lots that are frequently experiencing new dips or bumps may need additional assistance to level the surface and improve drainage.

Annual maintenance should include repairing any cracks that appear in the spring and seal coating will provide a protective layer. Seal coating every other year is often enough for lots that receive less traffic. This simple process is quick to do and it will prevent the pavement from absorbing all the water, oil and dirt that is deposited on the average parking area. Eventually, despite all efforts, the pavement will begin to become more worn than what a basic patching job is able to repair. It is not necessary to repave everything because affordable and reliable options are available.

Resurfacing covers the existing pavement with fresh asphalt. It makes the surface look and feel brand new without the expense and mess of excavation and installing an entirely new layer of pavement. It is the perfect option for anyone who has a stable base for their current lot. Even with large parking areas the entire process is completed within a matter of days and smaller lots may take only a single day.

A1 Pavement Maintenance can inspect any lot to determine if it is a viable candidate for Resurfacing or if the problems with the pavement are due to underlying issues. If drainage or other problems are present applying an additional layer will only temporarily improve the condition of the lot. Contact the company for a consultation to see what the experts recommend. No matter how minor or severe the damage is, there are ways to improve the appearance and function of any paved surface and make it more cost-efficient in the future.

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