Affordable St. Johns Dentist You Can Trust

Dental care in St. Johns County can be affordable when you choose a St. Johns dentist that offers options for affordable care. One of the biggest barriers for people to get dental care is being uninsured or underinsured. While dental care is a very important part of your overall health care, it seems insurance companies have not quite picked up on that yet. Making dental care affordable is one of the most important considerations any dental practice should be focusing on. Allowing people to find ways to pay for their dental care would make good dental health an option for everyone.


There are quite a few dental plan options and the right dentist will accept most insurances as a courtesy to their patients. One of the ways a committed dentist can help their patients is by accepting a wide range of dental plans and filing the claims for them.

Other Options

What if you do not have dental insurance? Well you would not be alone in that. There are a lot of people that have no dental coverage. While there has been plenty of changes made to health care insurance by the government there has been little said about dental health care insurance. The right dental practice in the interest of keeping dental care affordable will offer:

  • Dental work financing options
  • Other payment options

There is something called “dental care financing” that a dentist office can offer. The dentist will submit an estimated cost for the services that you need and the financing company will pay the dentist and then you pay the finance company. There are other caveats to this type of program that a dentist that offers the services can have a staff member explain to you. If you need extensive dental work, dental care financing can work out well for you. It allows you to pay low monthly bills without having to wait to get the dental work completed. You can ask about other payment options as well. Most dentists will work with you and allow you to pay as you go for your dental treatments when you have an extensive amount of work that has to be done.

Don’t let affordability scare you away from getting the dental treatments that you need. You can afford the work that you need to put that smile right back on your face, you just need to find the right dentist!