Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips For Roswell Residents

Today’s air conditioning systems are highly energy efficient, which makes them cost-effective to operate all through the spring to fall seasons to keep the house a comfortable temperature. However, many homes in Roswell still have older systems which may not be as energy efficient and will be much more expensive to run.

To help to save energy and use your air conditioning only as needed, there are a few simple tips any homeowner can use. These will help to reduce the need for cooling in the home, often by a surprising amount throughout the summer season.

Check and Change the Filter

While it may be common to only check and change the filter on the air conditioning unit air handler once a year, this is not the best practice. Dust, pollen, pet dander and other airborne matter can all create problems with airflow through the filter. This will result in less efficiency and higher energy use to maintain the desired temperature.

Closing Blinds and Curtains

Large picture windows, patio doors or bay windows on any side of the home can let in a lot of direct sunlight and energy, which heat up the home. This is particularly problematic on the south side of the house.

To help reduce the heat from the sun creating extra work for the air conditioning unit, close the blinds or curtains on large windows and patio doors during the day. They can be opened again in the early evening as soon as the sun is no longer shining in through the window.

Check for Heat Loss

Just as cold air can flow into the home around windows and door in the winter, cool air can also escape. Check to make sure the seals around the windows and the doors are holding. Additionally, check to make sure the attic insulation is sufficient and boost insulation if required to help to help the air conditioner in your Roswell home.