All About Ape Hangers

There’s no doubt that, for many bikers, style is just as important as function. Are you growing tired of the look of your current bike? Switching out the handlebars may be just the perfect solution! There are many different types of handlebars out there on the market, but “ape hangers,” as they’re commonly known, are considered to have some of the most appealing designs.

What Are Ape Hangers?

Ape hangers are the longest variety of bike handlebars, designed to sit up high so you have to reach far to hold onto them while you ride. This is where the name of the bars comes from. Ape hangers come in various heights, ranging from making them incredibly customizable.

What You Should Know Before You Buy

Certain areas have restrictions as to how high your ape hangers can be. It will be your responsibility to look up the laws in your city and/or state before purchasing a set of ape hangers for your bike.

It is also worth noting ape hangers can cause a few health concerns. Holding your arms in an upwards position for an extended amount of time can affect the blood flow, effectively putting your hands to sleep. However, there are a few ways to combat this. If you’re considering buying a pair of custom ape hangers, purchase cruise control handles or a similar device to go with them. These will help your hands to maintain blood flow.

What to Look for in Ape Hangers

While ape hangers are predominantly made to enhance the look of your motorcycle, you should also take comfort into consideration. Test out the height of any custom ape hanger sets you’re considering before you buy them to ensure you can hold onto them properly and easily. Once you find the perfect set for you, add them to your bike and ride fiercely!

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