All About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is typically recommended when many oral problems are present. If you need full mouth reconstruction in Chicago, it can include multiple dental treatments, implants, and cosmetic dental procedures.

Who Would Benefit From Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you have multiple oral problems that affect the majority of your teeth, gums and surrounding tissue, you would benefit from the procedures. The process is extensive and done over time, so you are expected to be in good health and able to be put under local or general anesthesia.

Dental Consultation and Procedure

Upon visiting your dentist, an examination of your teeth and mouth will take place. The teeth will be looked at to determine their condition and what procedures would be the best course of action for complete restoration.

In addition, your gums and jaws and any surrounding tissue will be examined to see if any dental work would need to be done in those areas as well.
During the reconstruction, your dentist will examine your mouth and remove any old dental work that is in place. New work will be done with the goal for a new and improved bite. The procedures are expected to take place over several months to years depending on the severity of repair.

In addition to increased health benefits, the procedures also enhance your looks cosmetically as well. Your facial structure and shape will be changed which allows you a more youthful and pleasing look.

Recovery Time

Recovery time will vary depending on the procedure, and can take many months for complete healing and full range of use. Your treatment and recovery plan will be based on how you are progressing throughout each procedure and your rate of healing afterwards as well. Your dentist will monitor your progression at every step to mitigate any infection or setbacks.

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