Aluminum Flat Bar: A Review of Industry Applications

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Aluminum

A particular range of products that include machine parts, truck frames, bike frames, and appliance fittings can make effective use of aluminum. However, aluminum flat bar can be used in a number of additional applications. It is a highly useful manufacturing and fabricating item that is relied upon over and over again due to its beneficial characteristics, including its versatility.

Strength and Corrosion Resistance

Flat bars in the form of aluminum possess a certain level strength that make them a valuable commodity for various industrial and manufacturing applications. It is made from a lightweight material that has considerable strength at the same time. Its strength-to-weight ratio is a very positive selling point for applications in which weight is a strong factor to consider. As well, various alloys of aluminum flat bar can provide excellent resistance to corrosion.

The versatile nature of flat bars made from aluminum is characterized by their formability, machinability, and weldability. As well, these bars can be extruded in a range of different thicknesses.

Industry Applications

Various common applications that benefit from the incorporation of extruded aluminum flat bars include:

* Structural components

* Valves and valve parts

* Gears and shafts

* Aircraft and aerospace components

* Hydraulic valve bodies

* Machine parts

* Couplings

* Camera lens mounts

* Trim

* Mounting plates

* Bases

* Electrical fittings and connectors

* Hardware

* Truck and marine components

Finishing Options

Users of aluminum flat bar products can benefit from various finishes and colors applied to these pieces. The finishes applied can include clear, brushed, and satin. As well, additional options can include light bronze, dark bronze, black, and brite dipped. In addition, certain suppliers may be able to provide anodized and powder coated finishes.

Experienced aluminum suppliers that provide aluminum flat bars in various thicknesses and sizes can help you obtain the specific products you need for your project application, regardless of whether the products come from a custom-made process or existing stock.

If you are ready to utilize flat aluminum bars or other shapes of one or more aluminum alloys for a specific application or project, contact a reliable and experienced aluminum metal supply company serving your area to learn about your aluminum product options.

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