Amenities Offered At A Facility Designed For Independent Senior Living In Spokane, WA

Senior citizens who need assistance with basic needs, such as personal grooming or mobility, can move into a facility that is designed for Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA. Caregivers are available to assist 24 hours per day. If an individual needs minimal assistance, they will be provided with privacy throughout their stay. A caregiver will check on them each day but will allow a resident to maintain their independence and participate in activities that they enjoy.

There are several floor plans to choose from when deciding upon a unit at a facility. Some apartments have as many as three bedrooms. The layout in each living area is spacious so residents can move around with ease. Apartments are tastefully decorated and have modern appliances. If a new resident is used to visiting public attractions, they will be offered a ride to zoos, museums, shopping centers, libraries, and other points of interest.

At a facility, there are many activities offered that will help residents remain busy. Bingo, cards, arts and crafts, and musical performances are offered regularly. A large movie room is available for residents to enjoy new releases and some of their favorite classics. A swimming pool and Jacuzzi are also available for residents to use. Pool has a ramp leading to it so anyone with mobility issues can safely enter and exit the water without assistance. Once an individual has finished swimming, they can relax in a Jacuzzi.

Exercise classes are also offered that will allow each person to maintain their health and independence while living in a facility. If anyone has trouble caring for themselves, they will be provided with additional care. A licensed caregiver will make sure that residents are given medication on time and are provided with assistance when they would like to bathe, get dressed, or move to another part of their living quarters. Anyone who would like to learn more about a retirement community can set up an appointment to take a tour. Orchard Crest Retirement Community and other establishments designed for Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA are set on large, beautiful pieces of property.

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