An Auto Accident Injury Doctor and Physical Therapist Help Patients Heal Faster

After a car accident, a person may benefit from physical therapy sessions to speed healing, reduce pain, and increase strength and flexibility. Being a patient at a clinic focusing exclusively on these types of injuries can be advantageous. A clinic with an auto accident injury doctor in Lake City along with a physical therapist can be an ideal option.

Reduced Need for Pain Medication

If the patient’s pain is severe, the doctor may prescribe a short course of medication. Prescription-strength ibuprofen is another option some individuals appreciate because their insurance pays for the medicine. Most people do not want to take pain relief medication on a long-term basis because of the potential for unwanted side effects, some of which can become serious. Participating in physical therapy can decrease the need for this medicine and allow the patient to stop using it sooner.

Preventing Chronic Pain

Physical therapy can prevent the development of chronic discomfort in car accident victims. Those who do not participate in physical therapy are more likely to develop this problem. A neck or back injury becomes a risk factor for degenerative disc disease later in life, but physical therapy can decrease this risk significantly.

Faster Recovery

A physical therapist and an auto accident injury doctor in Lake City can help the patient recover faster than would be the case without this specialized attention. Both make accurate diagnoses of the person’s injuries and focus entirely on the patient’s full healing. They seek to help the individual avoid the need for surgery if possible.