An Experienced Workplace Injury Attorney In Topeka KS Will Make Sure That You Are Treated Fairly

Those who have been injured at work in Kansas may feel that the Kansas Workers Compensation Act is unfair to the injured worker. The law is complex and difficult to interpret. The worker could lose the right to any benefits without adequate knowledge of how the system works.

There Are Time Limits for Filing a Claim

It’s extremely important that the employer be notified of the injury and the need for medical treatment within 10 days. If the employer is not notified, the claim could be denied. However, many medical issues develop over time because of an inherent danger in the workplace. A good example of this would be the large number of workers who contracted deadly mesothelioma after continued exposure to asbestos. Also, some workers may decide they just can’t take working in what they consider to be an unsafe environment and quit the job. Whatever the injury and however it happens, there is a time limit for filing a claim, and the responsibility for doing so rests with the injured worker.

It Can be Difficult to Get the Necessary Medical Treatment

The worker must be treated by a doctor chosen by the employer. If the injured worker is not happy with the treatment provided by this doctor, the worker can request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The employer provides the names of three more physicians. The worker must choose one of the three as his/her new doctor. Failure to abide by the employer’s doctor’s treatment can result in benefits being denied. The worker is allowed to choose and consult with one physician who has not been chosen by the employer, but the maximum that will be paid to the worker’s doctor of choice is $500. What happens if the injured worker’s doctor feels that the diagnosis and treatment provided by the employer’s doctors is wrong?

Any worker who has been injured should contact a Workplace Injury Attorney in Topeka KS as soon as possible. If the worker feels that they were injured because of someone else’s negligence, then it is imperative that they consult an experienced Workplace Injury Attorney in Topeka KS. For over 25 years, Jeffrey W. Jones has been fighting to get injured workers the compensation that they deserve.

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