An Injury Lawyer in Martinsburg, WV Assists Clients Who Waited to File an Insurance Claim

An injury lawyer in Martinsburg, WV may be able to help someone who waited several months to file a claim and has since been denied compensation. There are two primary reasons why this occurs. The first is when there are no symptoms of an injury due to the accident until a week or more has gone by. The second is when the person knows they were injured and expects the problem to heal relatively quickly, yet this does not happen.

Restricting Communication

After hiring an injury lawyer in Martinsburg, WV, the client can stop trying to figure out how to proceed and allow the attorney to handle the problem. The client may be advised not to communicate with the insurance company unless the attorney is present, either in person or on a conference call.

Insurance company representatives look for evidence of fraud, and the injured person may inadvertently provide information that is detrimental to the case. For instance, this individual may admit to engaging in some form of regular exercise, leading the insurer to believe the injury was not serious enough to warrant compensation.

Expert Insight

Trying to negotiate with an insurance company can be intimidating for a person without a legal background. However, there is no reason to back down from a claim simply because the insurer is putting up a battle. An attorney from an organization such as Sherman Law Firm knows the most effective strategies for convincing the company to offer a reasonable settlement. This lawyer has expert insight into how claims adjusters and other insurance company representatives see cases.

Types of Incidents

Personal injury lawyers represent people who have been harmed in a broad range of accidents and want to file a claim several months later. For instance, back or neck pain after a vehicle collision may not appear for a week or even longer. A person who slipped and fell on a wet metal stairway may experience back pain immediately but expect it to go away within a few days. Anyone who is ready to consult an attorney after some time has passed can visit for contact details.

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