An Innovative Spin on the Rules for High Schools in the Buckeye, AZ Area

Traditional means of education have persisted for quite some time, even though some students have challenges. Rightfully so, many educators, administrators, and school systems have thought creatively about how to change these systems to benefit students, teachers, and parents collectively. This high school takes a multitude of creative approaches to solve these prevailing issues related to student overload and fatigue, lack of student engagement, and financial needs.

For starters, this high school has physical locations around the Buckeye, AZ area, so parents will have a much easier time planning out ways of getting their child to school. The school also offers an online education curriculum for families that prefer that option. These online courses allow students to work at their own pace while receiving help from teachers when they need it.

Even the course structure and layout are unique to the school, as students take on 6 weeks of two courses. This means that students spend more time with specific course material. The four hour in-person school day further contributes to solving problems related to student fatigue, as students now have plenty of time to work with the material. Small class sizes ensure that students have immediate needs met and can receive one-on-one instruction when necessary. This new look at operations for high schools in the Buckeye, AZ area promises to make education work for communities first as students work to understand their needs in the classroom.