An Open Top Half: Drawing Space and Excellence with Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In Twin Cities

In any classic kitchen design, kitchen cabinets run along the top of the refrigerator, sink, and along the counter. Is this really the most effective use of space? Many of these drawers go unused. Furthermore, the look of many cabinets across the top is completely lacking in individuality. It may be smarter to open up part of this space, and use cabinets over just one of the stove or sink.

A new contemporary design style has designers opening up the top half of the kitchen. They are doing this with one simple swap- removing some of the cabinets for shelves. The top half of their kitchen more closely resembles a bookshelf than a classic 60’s kitchen decor.

Adding Space to a Small Kitchen

Cabinets ultimately enclose the kitchen space. Even if they provide a lot of storage behind them, they are pressing up against the small room left in the kitchen. There is no dimension or depth when the kitchen is coated in cabinets. By removing them, space is left wide open. Remodeling contractors in Twin Cities add shelves to the backsplash of the kitchen. The shelves can hold valuables, such as pots and pans, small food items (i.e. spices or cans) and even small plants.

Sparse Cabinet Use

Many kitchen remodeling contractors in Twin Cities use two or three shelves in a column and use two sets of them. This makes for a nice uniform design with about 4 to 6 shelves in total. The most popular design is to have one column to the left of the sink and the other column of shelves to the right. Others may do the same shelf set-up over their stove. In a corner kitchen, it could be smart to have the shelves both over the stove and over the sink area.

Cabinets still go below the sink in the bottom half of the kitchen, of course. Visit Executive Remodeling to take a nontraditional approach to great kitchen design. Instead of covering the entire kitchen in cabinets top to bottom, a little holding back and spacing out will bring a lively energy to a small kitchen.