Are Cleaning Services Right for Your Family?

A few generations ago, everybody who was anybody had hired help around the house. Whether it was a nanny to look after the children or a housekeeper to keep things tidy, everybody had somebody to help them out.

Today, it’s quite a bit different. We mostly think of cleaning services as being a privilege of the wealthy, but with a little budgeting, the average American family may be able to have a hired hand help with keeping things clean as well!

Less Costly Than You Think

While most of us think of professional cleaning as something for the top tier earners of our society, it’s actually far more affordable than many people think. The average home cleaning service charges around $125-$155 for a day of cleaning. For the typical household, this takes care of most chores for around a week’s time. This means you’re only spending about 2-3 times what the average American pays for coffee and fast food meals on a clean and comfortable home – without lifting a finger to do the cleaning! Split this between roommates, and the cost becomes even more irresistible.

The Benefits are Endless

There are so many reasons to consider hiring a cleaning service to assist you with keeping your home in order. Just a few of these include:

* Helping you to maintain a work-life balance, or focus more on school.
* Coming home to a clean house, when you don’t have time to stay home and clean it.
* Professional-quality cleaning, well-trained staff.
* No sick days. Your cleaning staff will show up on contracted days, regardless of what’s going on in your home. This means if you’re sick, have surgery, have to be out of town or have an emergency arise that requires you to neglect household chores, you can still enjoy a clean, comfortable home.

Guttenburg area residents can look to local cleaning services like Maid in Hoboken for the thorough, highly-focused cleaning they need. Whether it’s pet messes, kids with muddy little feet or untidy housemates, there’s a cure to be found in hiring a professional. Give your local cleaning service a try, and see why modern-day maids are making a comeback!

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