Are Hand Dryers Better Than Paper Towels?

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Many places of business have made the switch from using paper towels to using a commercial bathroom hand dryer, but are they better? It is believed that they are not only more economical, but they decrease the likelihood of germs being spread around.

When it comes to economics, the benefits of a hand dryer do appear to outweigh those of traditional paper towels. The cost to operate a bathroom hand dryer is .02 to .18 cents of electricity per dry, while the average cost of a single paper towel is about 1 cent. Over time, this could add up to significant savings. Other potential benefits include eliminating wasted time from employees having to pick up paper towels that end up all over the restroom floor or unclogging toilets that are stopped up from people attempting to flush them down.

Some concern has arisen over hand dryers blowing bacteria through the air or even onto a person’s hands, but there are some practical steps that can be taken to reduce the chances that bacteria will be spread by the dryer. The first is to open the hand dryer cover to inspect it for dirt or dust and clean it out if necessary. This is typically not a problem with high-speed dryers, however, since the force of the air tends to prevent dust from accumulating at all. Dryers can also be equipped with HEPA filters, have anti-microbial compounds embedded in the paint or plastic, and operate on a motion sensor to avoid having to touch the surface of the dryer.

While the debate over bathroom hand dryers and paper towels could go on and on, the benefits of a dryer are definitely worth some consideration. Perhaps paper towels are simply a personal preference for some individuals, but for those who prefer a hand dryer, there are many great options available in today’s market. Visit for more information.

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