Are There Different Methods For Carpet Cleaning In Salinas California?

Yes; there are quite a number of different ways in which carpets can be cleaned. As to the question of “which is the best method for carpet cleaning in Salinas?” this has absolutely nothing to do with the geographical location and has everything to do with the type of carpet; the materials it is made of; what was used to give the carpet its color and pattern; the nature of the dirt and/or stains to be cleaned away; plus to a more limited extent, the size of the carpet.

The days when carpets were taken out of doors, hung over a line and thoroughly beaten to remove dust and other living or dead particles have long gone; replaced initially with carpet sweeping devices and then by domestic vacuum cleaners. Unfortunately, even daily vacuuming a carpet does not necessarily remove all the dirt – especially any trapped deep down in the pile (a particularly good place to find dust mites). Neither does vacuuming remove stains from spilt liquids.

Something Better Than Vacuuming

What we are looking at here is not really something to replace the vacuum cleaner on a daily, maintenance basis; more something to perform either regular (maybe once a year) or emergency carpet cleaning in Salinas. Special chemicals can be applied but these can damage many carpet materials.

Various methods are available for shampooing a carpet but those that use a lot of water can shrink carpets and possibly wash out color dyes. Even the so called dry foam cleaners contain around 10% liquid (usually water). Most shampoo methods require a subsequent vacuuming to remove dried residues.

There is even a cleaning method that sprays unadulterated water into the carpet and then almost immediately vacuums it out. Another newer concept for carpet cleaning in Salinas involves the use of special polymers that can encapsulate materials that have soiled a carpet so that they can be vacuumed away immediately.

Steam Cleaning By Hot Water Extraction Or Vapor Steam Cleaning Equipment

Both methods are effective for deep, major cleaning work and both are commonly spoken of as being steam cleaning methods. In hot water extraction it is actually heated water (with or without added chemicals) that is applied to the carpet. Some claim that this is safer for synthetic carpets since the temperature of real steam could damage the carpet.

Vapor steam cleaning does use real steam at temperatures of between 240 and 310° F and it is this heat that is doing the actual cleaning. Very little water is actually boiled even when cleaning a sizeable area of carpet. This method will also sterilize carpets and help towards a germ free household.

Ferrantes Steam Carpet Cleaning use 250° F steam when they come to your home for Carpet Cleaning in Salinas. Contact us to know which stains and soils require what treatment.

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