Are You a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery in El Paso?

Medical weight loss can be the perfect solution for individuals who feel at the end of their rope with failed weight loss attempts. While diet and exercise are still the best ways to lose weight for many people, there are those who can greatly benefit from bariatric surgery in El Paso. However, you’ll need to meet with your doctor to explore if you are a candidate for this type of surgery.

A High BMI

In order to qualify for bariatric surgery in El Paso, you must have a high body max index, or BMI, and qualify as obese. For most individuals, this number is 40. If you have a lower number, your doctor will recommend meeting with a nutritionist and a personal trainer to help you achieve your weight loss goals without the need for surgery.

An Underlying Health Condition

While it’s not safe to perform surgery when individuals are suffering from certain health conditions, there are some weight-related health problems that can benefit from weight loss surgery. For individuals who have a BMI of 35 or higher and are suffering from a weight-related health issue, such as heart disease or diabetes, this surgery can be a life-saving measure. When you lose enough weight, you could even see the symptoms of these conditions reduce or even disappear entirely.

Previous Failed Attempts

It’s better to lose weight through more traditional means like diet and exercise. For this reason, you will be asked about your previous attempts to lose weight when you have your consultation for bariatric surgery in El Paso. You will need to show considerable attempts to lose weight with little to no results before your surgeon will approve you for any type of weight loss surgery.

If you’ve been thinking about bariatric surgery in El Paso to help you lose weight, visit the Memorial Weight Loss Center to learn more.