Are You Looking for a New Or Used Subaru in Chicago?

As a Subaru dealer, Hawk Subaru specializes in both used and new Subaru cars so you can find exactly the model you need to meet your needs. Some individuals are better off buying a new car with all the latest features they could want, while others prefer to buy used to save money, even if it means giving up some of the newest features. At our car dealership, you can always count on working with friendly, knowledgeable staff who is more interested in making sure you get the car you’re looking for, rather than getting the biggest sale. You can count on getting a new or used Subaru Impreza, Subaru Forester, Subaru WRX or any other model, all of which can be found right on our lot at all times.

We Know New Subaru

Our experienced sales staff in Chicago is well-versed on all the latest features that can be found in our selection of new Subaru models. We take great pride in educating buyers to help them make the smart decision for their needs. Even if you have made the decision to buy new, you may not know which Subaru is the right decision for your needs. We aren’t in the market to sell just any car to all of our customers. Some dealers are focused more on the sale and don’t think about what their customers need. You won’t encounter the same experience here. We take pride in listening to your needs and showing you the ideal new Subaru to ensure you don’t suffer from buyer’s remorse.

We Can Do Used As Well

If you’re in the market for a used Subaru, you will find the perfect model on our lot. We take great pride in carrying a vast selection of quality used vehicles you can rely on, even if you can’t afford to buy a new car. At any given time, you’re likely to find a used:

  *  Subaru Crosstrek
  *  Subaru Outback
  *  Subaru Legacy

Each of these vehicles undergoes extensive inspections and repairs to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. We make sure every vehicle operates the way it should to ensure you can feel confident in the longevity of your car. We take great pride in helping our Chicago buyers find the perfect car to meet their needs, not line our pocketbooks.

We understand the desire to find the perfect Subaru to fit your lifestyle needs and want to make sure you get exactly what you need. We will talk with you to determine which features you must have in a car and which ones are negotiable. We can then show you our selection of new and used Subaru vehicles, giving you the opportunity to test drive them and determine the perfect fit for you.

Contact us to find out how we can help you find the perfect Subaru.

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