Are Your Car Brakes In Chicago Safe? 3 Signs They Need Attention Now!

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Automotive

Some signs that your car brakes need repair are obvious. Others may not make you think of an immediate issue. While loud squeaks or the sound of metal on metal is enough for you to know there is a problem, it pays to be aware of more subtle signs. If any of the following signs occur, it’s time to take your car in for a brake repair in Chicago.

The Car Pulls to One Side When You Apply the Brakes

The vehicle stops fine, but you have noticed that it seems to pull a little to the right or left whenever you come to a stop sign or a red light. You don’t think it’s the alignment since the vehicle does not pull when you’re on the open road. This could mean something about the brakes on one side or on both sides of the car is worn and needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

It Takes Longer to Come to A Complete Stop

It happened so gradually that you didn’t notice for a long time, but it does take longer for the car to come to a complete stop. It was only after driving another car and noticing how quickly the brakes responded that you realised something was wrong with your primary car. Now is the time to find out why your car brakes don’t perform at the same level as they once did.

The Brake or ABS Light Comes on When You’re Braking

While the brake light or ABS light doesn’t stay on, it does flash when you brake. After a while, the light goes out. That does not mean all is well. Your best bet is to have an expert look at the brakes in Chicago and find out if you have a fluid leak or some other problem that can be easily remedied.

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