Arrested for Armed Robbery? Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Junction City, KS

An eyewitness can easily remember things incorrectly. It’s not uncommon for several witnesses to give police different descriptions of a person robbing a store. When there is only one witness, there is no guarantee that he remembers a situation accurately. This was the case when a clerk in a liquor store was robbed at gunpoint. He gave the police a description, which they transmitted to all of the patrol cars in the area. When a man was seen matching the description, he was detained. The police then put the clerk in a cruiser and took him to see the man. The clerk said he was the robber. The man was innocent and demanded to speak with a Criminal Lawyer in Junction City KS immediately.

It didn’t help that the accused man had a lengthy criminal record. However, he was a convicted drug dealer and had no robbery charges on his record. His wife was his only alibi and the police didn’t consider her credible. He was charged with armed robbery. The Criminal Lawyer Junction City KS asked his law firm’s private investigator to interview potential witnesses. The investigators spoke with shopkeepers adjacent to the liquor store and across the street. Several of them gave a consistent description that was quite different from the liquor store clerk. They said they saw a short and heavy man leave the store with a gun. The clerk accused a tall and thin man of the robbery. Unfortunately none of the stores had high quality surveillance cameras. The video was such low quality that it couldn’t be used.

The police refused to drop the charges or to look for other suspects. They claimed the clerk was a credible witness. At trial, the Criminal Lawyer Junction City KS produced the other shopkeepers to testify that they saw a different robber leave the store. He wanted to give the jury reasonable doubt, so they could find his client not guilty. They agreed and the defendant was set free. The Oleen Law Firm is one of the Junction City law firms that represents people accused of serious felonies. People arrested by the police can call them any time of the day or night.

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