Article Title: How to Find the Right Pet Sitters

Your pets are members of your family, so when you need to go out of town, you want the absolute best for them. Finding a pet sitter can be just as stressful as finding a regular sitter. You need someone trustworthy, affordable, and able to get along well with your pet. If you need to pick from pet sitters in Omaha, NE, here’s how you can narrow your choice.

Get Reviews

Finding reviews online and from friends and family can be a great start. Reading about someone else’s experience can help you choose which places and people to stay away from, whereas people who have a good experience won’t want to stop talking about it.

Arrange a Visit

Once you’ve found a place, arrange a visit to the facilities or pick a time a pet sitter can come to your house to meet your dog. If you’re choosing to bring your dog to a facility, you can see where your pet will sleep, play, and eat. If your pet is staying home, they can get a feel for their new friend and pet sitter. This is also a good time to communicate the needs of your pet.

Ask Your Questions

Many facilities require paperwork, prefer you bring your own food, or ask that you bring your pet’s favorite toys. You can ask about what training the staff has and what the procedure is for an emergency. You can get answers to all these questions and more by contacting pet sitters in Omaha, NE ahead of time, and exceptional businesses like Cottonwood Pet Resort will be more than happy to address all concerns.

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