Assess Home Security Before Needing Lock Repair in Fullerton CA

Home security is an issue for everyone. There are several things a homeowner can do to keep their property safe and it starts with locks. Homeowners have several choices when it comes to keeping their exterior doors secure and some locks are better than others.


Deadbolt locks are used on most entry doors. Homes typically have single-cylinder deadbolt locks and feel relatively safe with them until the lock is compromised. The single-cylinder deadbolt can be opened easily in any home that has a window in or near the door. Upgrading to a double-cylinder model will keep a home safer because both sides of the door require a key to open the lock. Of course, this presents an inconvenience for people inside the home but it makes the house much safer when they are away or sleeping inside. A company that specializes in lock repair in Fullerton CA can install one of these locks in a few hours.

Knob Locks

These types of locks are very common but not very secure on their own. They require a key to enter from the outside but only a simple turn on the inside to unlock them. Because there is no cylinder between the door and the frame, a burglar could kick in a door with only a knob lock and cause a lot of damage to the door before they get into the house. Any homeowner relying on a knob lock on their external doors should contact a professional to do a lock repair in Fullerton CA right away. It doesn’t matter how safe the neighborhood is. Criminals often target safe neighborhoods because homeowners feel secure enough to use locks that are ineffective.

It’s important to worry about locks before someone breaks into a home. After the lock has been compromised, it’s usually too late to recover the stolen property. Families should work with Business Name to evaluate their security when they move into their homes and at least on an annual basis to ensure they remain protected. Neighborhood watch groups, home security alarms, and security cameras are also effective means to keep property safe from criminals.