Assisting People in Jefferson County, TX Jails with Posting Bail isn’t Enabling

People who get arrested suffer public humiliation, worsened reputations, risk of job loss, and many other detrimental outcomes. This is true even if they’re innocent. Helping loved ones to get out of jail with bail bonds in Jefferson County, TX isn’t the same as enabling, despite what people generally think. Following are several reasons that support the assertion that helping people post bail is not the same as enabling.

Do Loved Ones Put Themselves at Danger?

Let’s say Joey bails his son out of jail by helping him secure bail bonds in Jefferson County, TX. His son then skips bail, which he’s done before, leaving the father on the hook to reimburse the bail bondsman for 100% of the full bail amount. If Joey has even an inkling that his son will skip out, but still bails him out, this behavior could be considered enabling. Otherwise, if loved ones don’t feel pressured to bail jailed relatives or friends out, or consider themselves at risk of injury once they’re released, it is not enabling.

Not Helping Deteriorates Jailed Persons’ Lives

People can’t maintain employment if they’re in jail. They can’t take care of their children; and their spouse may place blame on them for getting arrested, even if they’re completely innocent. Many other negative things can result from getting incarcerated. Helping others get out of jail keeps people’s lives in working order.

Simply Being Free Correlates to Better Offers

Prosecutors often offer people accused of committing crimes plea bargains, in which charges are dropped or reduced, or punishments are lessened. Free people get better deals than those who are incarcerated – and not just occasionally. This is a reliable phenomenon that, alone, makes helping others to get bailed out of jail not the same as enabling.

This Bondsman Fights for Clients

At Al Reed Bail Bonds we fights hard for the fair treatment of clients, both jailed people themselves and their loved ones, and is known for offering clients fair, reasonable bail bonds in Jefferson County, TX.