Authentic Dishes of Soul Food and Lowcountry Cuisine

Whether you grew up on Southern cooking or you are on a food quest for new flavors, soul food restaurants in Charlotte, NC, have much to offer connoisseurs and food tourists alike. “Soul food” is a widely recognizable term applied to several different types of American cuisine, including Southern lowcountry food. However, there are regional differences that are important to note to give you a better idea of what to expect when you sit down for a hearty, unforgettable meal.

Staples of Good Southern Cooking

Soul food restaurants in Charlotte, NC, may serve dishes such as chicken fried steak, fried chicken and plenty of pork. Pigs’ feet, ox tails, offal, grits and pork ribs round out the menu that will excite those who remember old family recipes while grabbing the eye of culinary explorers. Collard greens, corn bread and sweet potato usually rank at the top of favorites lists for sides.

Lowcountry cuisine, on the other hand, originates in coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia, and so, menus will reflect more fish and seafood fare. Pork, rice, okra and collard greens are still major staples along with corn bread and mac and cheese. Southern lowcountry is perfect for seafood lovers who crave traditional American spices and seasoning.

Where to Find Authentic Taste

Some restaurants may include an item or two on their menu and call it Southern cooking, but if you are searching for authentic soul food restaurants in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Downtown. One restaurant, the landmark Mert’s Heart and Soul, is a famous destination for locals on their lunch hour or visitors before a show. Especially for tourists from other regions of the U.S. or from other parts of the world, the experience can be an excellent introduction to Southern lowcountry cuisine.

Do be aware that soul food and lowcountry cooking can be rich and heavy on any stomach that is not accustomed to it. It is highly recommended that you pace yourself, no matter how mouthwatering the corn bread turns out to be.

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