Authentic Wholesale Mexican Food in New York City

Wholesale Mexican Food in New York City is available to restaurants in 11 States on the East Coast. Authentic and high quality foods, along with bar supplies, take out packaging and condiments are available at discounted prices for your restaurant, bar or catering business. You can stock up on the most popular items like chips and salsa, rice, beans and chilies. Wholesale tamales and tortillas are available, as are desserts, spices and produce. Hard to find items like Mexican cheeses and certain spices are always available for you to order. Wholesale Mexican Food in New York City has been distributed to the area for 45 years with many satisfied customers.

If you own a restaurant and want to provide the best Mexican food you can find without making it from scratch yourself, you will want to place an order for Wholesale Mexican Food in New York City. Ordering wholesale gets you top quality food items delivered to your location at a low cost. The take out packaging comes in many sizes, materials and shapes with or without lids. You can get to go boxes and cups for people to take home what they can’t finish. Customers appreciate that because they can enjoy that great food either later in the evening or for lunch at work the next day. Condiments included with the left overs makes a nice touch and will have people coming back for repeat business. If you have a take out menu, getting this packaging whole sale will save you a lot of money on necessary supplies.

Soft drinks from Jarritos brand is available in 13 fruit flavors. You can get these flavors by the case so you will always have some on hand. It was the first national soda brand in Mexico and it goes very well with Mexican food. Bar supplies in the way of juices, mixers and flavoring powder come is large sizes so you will be sure to have exactly what you need to satisfy your bar patrons. You can count on the quality and the freshness of these items and can contact them with any questions regarding pricing and ordering.
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