Avoid Caustic Chemicals and Call for Professional Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia

One reason household residents are strongly encouraged to call a plumber for Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia is because of the harsh chemicals in do-it-yourself solutions. It’s possible for adults to use those substances safely if there are no kids or pets in the home and if the room is well-ventilated. Otherwise, however, the fumes and the chance for chemical burns makes using these products a risky venture.

Fume Inhalation

When someone inhales the toxic fumes of drain cleaners, the effect can be painful and scary. Throat and nasal passage swelling may develop and make breathing difficult. The eyes may sting and there may be a burning sensation. Adults may know better, but a child might wander into the room unexpectedly and be affected in this way. Parents may have to call a local or national poison control center for advice.

Damage to Plumbing

The corrosive chemicals in these products may include lye or hydrochloric acid. They can eat away at the interior of plumbing pipes when left there for several hours or overnight, which is the way they tend to be used. If they splash onto enamel fixtures, they can damage the surface.


In addition, even with these types of potential hazard, drain cleaners commonly don’t work very well. They have to be corrosive enough to dissolve hair and fabric relatively quickly, and that often proves to be ineffective. The home’s residents are likely to see some improvement in the drain flow, but the sluggishness will be a chronic problem.

Professional Methods

Instead of using caustic chemicals, plumbers who provide service for Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia use a variety of mechanical methods. The first line of attack might be an auger, commonly called a snake, that is gradually rotated into the pipe to break up the clog.

If that doesn’t clear up the problem completely, a plumber from a company such as City Plumbing can use a specialized wrench to take apart pipes under a sink. Blockages consisting of hair, grease and lint can gradually collect in the U bend and make the drain sluggish. Visit us online and stay safe.

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