Avoid Septic Problems Using a Superior Septic System Pumping Service in Hudson WI

The septic system has been around for more than a century and it started as a simple method of dealing with household waste that worked better that the cesspool. This makes sense because the cesspool is simply a hole in the ground that leeches the effluent (waste water) into the surrounding soil. This was often the same area where the well was located and water supplies would usually get contaminated. Septic tanks avoid this problem because the waste in the tank is contained and the effluent is only allowed to exit through a series of leech lines. These are perforated pipes that cover a large area and are placed in a small trench on top of gravel. The only drawback is the occasional need for septic system pumping service in Hudson WI.

To understand the benefit of a septic system requires understanding how it functions. The anaerobic system works by accumulating waste in one or more tanks. This waste is allowed to sit and enzymes consume the various proteins left in the waste. This allows the sludge to settle on the bottom and push the effluent out of the tank and into the leech lines. From there, the effluent is percolated through the soil so that clean water can enter the local water table. It is a surprisingly efficient method of handling waste provided enough space is available for leeching the liquid waste into the soil. Thankfully, modern advances have developed solutions for this situation as well. The first is arranging the leech field in unique layouts so the effluent is more evenly dispersed. The other is the aerobic system or an adaptation of it that fits an anaerobic tank.

The primary purpose of the septic tank is to hold solid waste until it can be removed. The average service life between Septic System Pumping Service in Hudson WI is about three years. Some systems have been known to operate longer, but the more it functions, the more likely the tank is to overflow. This can happen when the solid matter blocks the effluent outlet or the enzymes in the tank aren’t capable of removing enough solid waste. This type of back-flow can be hard on the home if the overflow gets really serious since the sewage can return through a shower drain or toilet faster than anyone can deal with it. Visit Ronssewerservice.com to learn more.

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