Bail Bondsman In North Richland Hills Will Help You Get Out Of Jail

After an arrest, an accused individual is put in jail until a bond hearing is held. The bond hearing will determine whether they will be released on their own recognizance or have to pay a bond. This process is confusing for an individual who has never been through the bond process before.

With the help of a Bail Bondsman in North Richland Hills, the process will be easier. They can walk the friend, family member, or the accused through the process and get them released from jail. Bail bonds are open 24 hours a day with reliable service. All information provided to the bail bonds is completely confidential.

Types Of Bond

A surety bail bond is a common type of bail. Another person accepts liability for the accused and ensures the accused will return to court. In most cases, the bail bonds are the person accepting the responsibility. The fee for this type of service is usually ten percent of the bail amount.

A property bond is used when an individual doesn’t have enough cash to pay the bail amount in full. A property bond allows an individual to use the equity in their home as collateral. The property must be valued at 150% of the total bail amount in most situations.

Personal recognizance bond is not the norm and is used for minor crimes. A defendant may be released on bail without any deposit or collateral. The court will consider the individual’s criminal history, perform a background check, and risk assessment before granting this type of bond.

Credit Check

Bail bonds do not require a credit check to be run for the individuals involved. The bail bond agents are interested in the cash or collateral an individual will post in order to pay a bond to the court. The fee the Bail Bondsman in North Richland Hills charges is not refundable.

If you or a loved one need to pay the bond as soon as possible, a bail bond service is a great place to find help. A bail bond agent’s experience will make the process easier, and the expert will explain every step. For more information, please feel free to Contact us.

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