Barbecued Food and More From a Catering Company In Saint Louis

Warm weather is finally here again, and a barbecue catering company in Saint Louis is ready to whip up a barbecue dinner for your outdoor event. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, a birthday bash, an anniversary celebration or another fun gathering, a Midwest-style barbecue dinner with all the fixings will be appreciated by your guests.

A popular option is to have a buffet with three main meat dishes, a selection of side dishes and numerous extra tasty foods. You can choose chicken, pork or beef cooked in your favorite ways, or have all of it barbecued. Pulled pork, chicken, ham, steak and pork ribs are some excellent choices to have grilled. Your guests might like hot dogs, bratwurst or hamburgers. The caterers will bring buns so everyone can make sandwiches if they would like. Some of the meats can be smoked ahead of time if you know that’s a style your friends and family enjoy. Mouths will be watering as your guests smell the fragrant aromas of grilled food cooked by talented barbecue chefs.

A catering service such as Ms. Piggies Smokehouse is also happy to provide vegetarian main meals as well if any of your guests choose not to eat meat. They might appreciate some grilled seasoned veggies along with an Italian pasta dish. A big cheese tray allows them to make cheese sandwiches while also providing plenty of cheese slices for the meat-eaters to add to their sandwiches. Everyone can include items such as lettuce, onions and tomatoes to their sandwiches if you order a salad bar area to be kept expertly chilled.

Numerous options for side dishes are provided by a catering company in Saint Louis. Your guests might like to have cornbread and the inclusion of a potato bar so they can choose among mashed and baked potatoes as well as delicious hot sweet potatoes. A fresh fruit tray might be set out as well. Don’t forget dessert; your guests will appreciate a variety of choices. Help them feel completely satiated with homemade delights such as apple cobbler, chocolate cake, fudge brownies and banana pudding.