Barrington Parenting Time Lawyer

When a marriage falls apart, it’s always hard on the kids. Going from a household of four to three or two can have devastating effects on their emotional wellbeing. That’s why finding a good way to make the transition happen is crucial.

What is Parenting Time?

It’s basically a schedule that states when each parent gets to spend time with the children. Parents should sort out the specific dates and times and should factor in a number of things such as the ages of the children (younger children often need more time with the mother), the travel time between one parent’s home to that of the other, and the schedules of the parents themselves. Note, however, that parenting time is the time allotted for the non-custodial parent, says the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Parenting Time Violations

In some cases, however, the other parent might not follow the rules of the parenting time agreement. Try to talk it out with the other parent. Let reason and cool heads prevail. Don’t let emotions cloud the issue. Put your differences and emotions aside. Do your best to settle the matter.

Finding a Mediator

If the other party refuses to give in or is extremely hostile in your dealings, you might want to approach a median service provider. With a third party, there’s a chance that you and your ex-spouse can find a better way to deal with each other. Also, someone coming from an entirely objective standpoint can help you and your ex-spouse resolve a few lingering issues.

Hiring a Parenting Time Lawyer

If all that still doesn’t work, you might need to file a motion and ask help from the courts in order to enforce the parenting time order. Consult with a lawyer to help you out. With legal assistance, you’ll have a better idea what to do and how to put your children’s best interests first and foremost.

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