Basic Elements to Include in the Process of Lawn Care in Virginia Beach

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes a lot of time and effort. This is true even for the smaller yards that often come with garden homes and similar dwellings. When hiring someone to manage that Lawn Care in Virginia Beach, it is important to determine what type of landscaping tasks they will provide. Doing so will go a long way in making sure the lawns look great as the seasons pass.

The Essentials of Maintenance

Proper Lawn Care in Virginia Beach does call for regular maintenance. To that end, make sure the service hired to take care of the lawn will mow the grass at least twice a month. It also helps to include edging the lawn as part of the overall upkeep effort. Once the grass is cut, it also helps for the shrubs to be trimmed on a regular basis. Once a month is not too often, especially during the summer months when shrubs and bushes are likely to grow at a faster rate.

Dealing with Weeds

At certain times of the year, weeds are likely to pop up at different spots around the lawn. Make sure that the agreement with the service providing the Lawn Care in Virginia Beach includes treating the lawn to get rid of those weeds. Professionals know how to use the right type of product to kill the root system of each type of weed, and still leave the lawn looking green and lush. Updating the LandscapingWhile general lawn care does not include adding or taking away elements of the landscape, it never hurts to make sure the provider can help with those tasks. For example, if a small tree or shrub dies, can the service arrange for the removal and replace it with something new? Seek to establish a service agreement that will spell out the costs of these types of services. That will make it much easier to know what the task will cost when and if it is needed.

The professionals at Southern Roots Landscaping of VA are happy to come out and provide the homeowner with a list of recommendations for general lawn care. Those recommendations will also come with pricing for each of the tasks involved. After looking over the specifics and agreeing that the scope of the care is what the owner has in mind, it will be easy to set up a schedule to ensure the lawn and the landscape is maintained properly.

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