Beat the Heat with These Summer Pet Care Tips in Bridgeport, IL

From vacations and trips to the pool to weekend cookouts, summer is filled with opportunities for fun. However, the hottest season of the year can be a dangerous time for your pets. If you’re wondering how much water your cat needs or how hot it is too hot for your dog s paw pads, here are three tips to help Fluffy and Fido beat the heat.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Just like humans, pets need to drink more water when temperatures rise. Keep multiple bowls or drinking fountains filled with fresh water at all times, and bring a water dish when you go out on walks.

Be Aware of Sidewalk Temperatures

If you want to avoid a trip to a veterinarian in Bridgeport for burned paws, it’s important to know how hot it is too hot for your dog s paw pads. If the pavement is too hot for the back of your hand, consider walking your furry friend on the grass or using dog shoes.

Watch for Signs of Overheating

Signs of overheating in pets include running a fever, heavy panting, vomiting, drooling, lethargy, and wobbly legs. If you spot these signs in your pet while out in the heat, consult a veterinarian in Bridgeport immediately.

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