Beef Empanadas

What could be more satisfying than biting into a hot, fresh beef empanada? When you order from ChefSelect 361, you allow your clients or business partners to experience this simple pleasure directly, increasing the positive attributes of their experience with you. We all know how powerful good food can be, which is why our team wants to share our delectable menu items with you. We’re well known for producing the best beef empanadas in Newark, NJ. Let us give you a taste of how we’ve gained this reputation!

Quality Ingredients

At ChefSelect 361, we believe in only using the best ingredients for every item on our menu. This is especially true for our empanadas, which are crafted by hand by our team. The beef we use is 100 percent authentic and blended with other all-natural ingredients, all to ensure the end product is delicious, as well as healthy. In addition to our dedication to wholesome, high-quality food, we also believe in following health and safety standards to the letter. You can trust all of our empanada products were made with extra care in every regard.

We Care About You

Our customers are just as, if not more, important to us as our menu. We want to give you the best service and the best food possible. We’re committed to serving you as efficiently as we can, which is why we offer only the highest-quality beef empanadas in Newark, NJ, as well as a wide array of other tasty menu items to choose from according to yours and your clients’ tastes. You can trust us to deliver quality food easily and efficiently.

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