Being Injured In Car Accident Troy OH Requires You To Have Experienced Counsel Representing You Immediately

An auto accident due to the negligence of another driver can leave you feeling overwhelmed by problems such an event introduces into your life and your family’s lives as well. Often, accident victims do not know where to turn for help. You will need an experienced attorney to help you with getting all of the issues resolved. You will need help getting an income stream started, your car repaired, obtaining just compensation for your injuries and ensuring your medical bills are paid. A Car Accident Troy OH will require experienced legal counsel. Visit website for more information.

The Car Accident Troy OH attorney doesn’t stop with these actions. He will seek compensation for your pain and suffering and for your family’s loss of your time with them. Auto Accidents in Troy OH will result in an investigation by your attorney of all of the circumstances around the accident.

Refer all questions to your attorney. A seemingly harmless answer can result in a serious problem later.  It is much easier to not take the chance. If a representative from the insurance company representing the other party approaches you with an offer, send this person to your attorney.

Every aspect of your accident will be investigated and documented by your attorney. This enables him to prepare for a settlement discussion or a trial if the case cannot be settled. He will talk to witnesses, obtain the police report, take pictures of the accident scene and the vehicles, and obtain all of the medical records beginning with the EMS if you were transported. He will examine the car for indications of neglect such as bald tires. He will look for empty alcohol containers and a partially empty one.

He will also do a background check on the other driver to determine if they have a history of accidents, and any other record indicating conduct which could lead to being accident prone. He will check the driver’s record for DUIs which indicates he may be more than just a careless driver.

Your attorney will attempt to settle the case before trial, but if the insurance company refuses then you will have a strong experienced attorney representing you who knows the laws and the court procedures. Shipman Dixon & Livingston Co. L.P.A. Troy OH knows the court rules, procedures and what the judges expect.

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