Benefits of Pedestal Sales in Las Vegas, NV

Anyone who has been considering a new front-load washer and dryer may have been reading about their features and benefits. One thing that many people don’t realize when seeing them on display is that the machines are sitting on a pedestal, which is a separate piece. There are several benefits to adding this item when researching dealers offering washers, dryers, and Pedestal Sales in Las Vegas NV. Here is some information to help with the decision.

Gives Some Height

One of the things users love about a front-loading washer and dryer is that it is easier to load and unload the machines without feeling like they are having to stand on their head. A pedestal gives the appliances some additional height, making them that much easier to access the door without bending so much and hurting the user’s back. If the appliances are tucked away in a laundry room or in a more visible space, the appliances will have a more finished look with a matching pedestal set.

Storage Options

No matter how much room a homeowner has that is dedicated to doing laundry, most everyone will agree they could use some additional storage space. The pedestals serve as drawers too. This is a great place to keep detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and other items that need a nice and neat place to be tucked away in.

Storage Above

With the added space below due to a pedestal, many users say they now put their laundry baskets and things of this nature on top of their washer and dryer. Items that are now in the drawers are no longer taking up that surface space.

Better Than a DIY Project

Some have said that they wanted to just build their own pedestals. This might be easier said than done. If building them, they would have to be made as stable as the floor and fit perfectly or they could become unbalanced. The pedestals that are made for the specific washer and dryer attach in a way they look and operate like they are one unit.

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