Benefits of PVC Roofing Systems in Chicago

In terms of long service life, durability, and cost-efficiency, PVC Roofing Systems In Chicago are unmatched. In fact, these are considered some of the most eco-friendly and economical options for residential homes with flat roofs, commercial rooftops, and condominiums. This type of roofing system has been used in the U.S. since the 1970s and has a long-standing track record of success.

There are a number of direct competitors with the PVC Roofing Systems In Chicago, including TPO roofing systems and EPDM Rubber that are more expensive. However, PVC roofs provide much better quality, durability, protection, and longevity. Some of the specific benefits offered by this roofing option can be found here.

The Basic PVC Substance

Put simply, PVC, which is more well-known as vinyl, is considered one of the most common types of plastics in the world. One of the primary reasons that PVC is used so widely is due to its cost when compared to other plastics. PVC is composed of two main components: chlorine and ethylene. During the manufacturing process, the pigments and stabilizers are added to provide the various color options, the durability, and flexibility of the material.

What does the PVC Membrane Consist of?

The PVC roof consists of a membrane that is single-ply and composed of two layers of the PVC material with reinforcement in the center of polyester. The top is usually manufactured with a special type of additive in order to make the membrane resistant to any UV rays and to prevent it from curling. The plasticizers are then added for more flexibility, and various pigments are then used to provide different colors.

The manufacturing process used for the PVC roofing systems makes it durable, flexible, and one of the most popular options available today. For those who want more information about this material and the benefits, it offers for homes and businesses, Contact Us for a Free Survey! This will ensure that all questions are answered, and an educated decision regarding the right type of roofing material is made for a home or business owner who is having to make this difficult decision.

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