Benefits of Using Glazed Porcelain Tile in Sacramento, CA for Flooring

Porcelain tile is already a popular option in homes, especially in bathrooms. Not all types of flooring are suitable for bathrooms, but porcelain tiles can be as long as they are coated to have a nonslip surface. There are a number of advantages to using glazed Porcelain tile in Sacramento CA.


Porcelain tile is very durable, with heavy traffic and heavy impacts unlikely to damage the tile. This is what makes it such a good choice for the heavy duty use typical of bathrooms in most homes. It can last for decades if the homeowner takes good care of it. Should damage occur, it’s possible to replace the tile or tiles affected. Just keep in mind that part of the reason they are so durable is because they are pretty thick and heavy, so make sure that the home structure is suitable for the weight involved. They’re also harder to cut, making it best to hire a professional for any installation to limit the risk of damaging or breaking tiles while trying to cut them down to size.

Water, Fire and Stain Resistant

Glazed Porcelain Tile in Sacramento CA is even more water and stain resistant than unglazed porcelain tile. Both glazed and unglazed tiles are fire resistant as well. This tends to make it relatively low maintenance. Just clean up any spills with a damp rag and sweep any dirt and debris up from the floor. Mop with a mild cleaner. While it’s possible to use harsher cleaners on this type of flooring, it usually isn’t necessary.

Compared to Ceramic Tile

Porcelain tile is classified as a type of ceramic tile, but because it is made from a denser and finer clay and produced using higher temperatures than standard ceramic tile, it is more durable and less likely to be scratched or stained.

Colors and Styles

It’s possible to purchase glazed porcelain tiles in a number of colors and styles, making it suitable for use with almost any color scheme. Some people like to use multiple colors or shapes of tile to create patterns in the floor for even more visual interest. Contact Palm Tile for more information about porcelain tile options.

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