Best Places to Take Engagement Pictures in Miami

Miami is full of beautiful historic buildings, picturesque sandy beaches, and tropical scenery. It is no wonder that thousands of people post pictures of Miami on their social media accounts. But where are the best place to take pictures in Miami?

Bayfront Park is a great place to relax, visit and shop. It also happens to have some great views of Biscayne Bay. Take pictures of the harbor and at the sculpture park.

The Miami Railroad station is an excellent location for the vintage look. The rusty trains make a lovely backdrop for frequent travelers.

Miami Beach is always a safe bet. There is sun, sand, waves, and walking barefoot, hand-in-hand along the beach. You cannot get any more romantic than that.

Miami at night is gorgeous! The night lights from the city give off a soft, warm glow to couples in love. Place the city lights in the background with the kissing bride and groom.

Jupiter Lighthouse is located just a little north of Miami. The stunning views and historical significance of the lighthouse make for beautifully unique photos.

Above all, Secret Gardens Miami is probably the most lush, tropical, and truly representative of all the beauty the Florida has to offer.

When selecting a location consider the time of day, time of year, if other people will be around, and the type of outfits you want to wear. Research the location to make sure you do not need a permit or permission for your photo sessions.

No matter where you decide to take your engagement photos the best place to take pictures in Miami is where you decide. Select a location that aligns with your interests then your intimacy and emotions will shine through on your photographs.

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