Boston for Seafood – There’s No Better Place

Seafood is one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. It may be because of its rich history in America; early settlers here enjoyed bountiful harvests from the sea as they built the nation up around them. Another factor may be scarcity, in that you just can’t get great, fresh seafood anywhere. It’s a special treat to dine on something fresh from the sea!

When weighing your options for where to find the country’s best seafood, there is one clear favorite. Boston is renowned for its seafood, so much so that many types of seafood dish – such as clam chowder – are synonymous with the city, worldwide. So-called “Boston clam chowder” is just one of the wonderful dishes you can enjoy on your trip to Boston.


Why Boston?

Boston is one of the top-ranked cities for seafood. Whether you’re going raw with oysters and sushi or enjoying Mediterranean-inspired dishes with the bounty of the sea, there is something for everyone in the historic city. With fishing being integral to the local economy since before the nation’s founding, all of Massachusetts boasts unmatched access to freshly-caught, delicious seafood and the best variety found anywhere on earth. Whether you’re looking for a look at America’s past or simply the best seafood you can buy, bustling Boston is your best bet.


Where to Stop

There is no end to the number of seafood restaurants in the Boston area. All along the coast and in every part of Massachusetts towns, there are seafood merchants peddling some of the finest tastes the ocean has to offer.

The Faneuil Hall marketplace – inside Boston’s Quincy Market building – is home to a variety of eateries beloved by locals. One of these is the Boston and Maine Fish Company, a dine-in location perfect for lunch, dinner or any occasion. Boston residents and travelers alike have been lining up at Boston and Maine since the eighties, and have been travelling to Boston itself for seafood for much longer. If you’re in the mood for the nation’s best seafood, book your trip to Boston today!

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