Botox in South Atlanta is a Great Solution

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Skin Care

If you are ready to deal with the fine lines that are cropping up due to aging Botox in South Atlanta area may be the right solution for you.  This injectable is a very popular option to reduce fine lines and for a non-surgical eyebrow lift.  Botox has been around for a lot longer than most people realize.  It has been approved for cosmetic use for over 15 years but was being used in other clinical areas long before that.

How Can It Help

Botox works by keeping the muscles in the face from contracting which reduces the signs of visible lines. It can help by giving you a well-rested, younger look without making any dramatic changes. People will notice there is something different about you but will just think you are looking “healthy” “alert” and “rested”.  Of course the skill of the provider plays a critical role in avoiding that overly done look. Botox can:

*     Lift the brows to a more youthful position
    Reduce the fine lines on your forehead and around the eyes
    Make subtle long lasting changes

Who Should Get Botox

Studies have shown that the younger you start to use this injectable the more lasting the results are.  Using Botox in your late twenties can prepare your face for a lifetime of “good behavior”. There is evidence that using this serum can actually train your muscles to prevent the sagging and wrinkling that occurs over time. Typically, a good time to consider this treatment is when the first crow’s feet and lines appear.

As Part of a Good Skin Care Regiment

You can use this common treatment as part of your overall skin care regiment to help ward off the signs of aging and to keep your skin looking healthy at any age!

Bella Medical Aesthetics has the treatments you need to stay looking and feeling fabulous!

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