Brick Chimney Repair And Maintenance

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

With periodic maintenance and repair of the bricks in your chimney, it will look great and be problem free for many years. Even the best maintenance will not stop damage caused by the weather and other unforeseen events; tuckpointing or re-pointing is often the only brick repair in Chicago that is ever required but there are also times when you are faced with other problems.

Spalled bricks:

The term “spalled” refers to bricks that are broken, obviously this is damage which is very noticeable. As with most brick damage, it starts with the constant freezing and thawing cycles that are a fact of life in the North of the country. When bricks are new they can repel water as they have a non-porous outer finish. When spalling occurs, this hard outer finish begins to break down; as a result water gets into the brick accelerating the disintegration.

Using the wrong bricks:

On the surface, to most people “a brick is a brick.” This is not true; bricks that are manufactured for use inside a home are different from those designed for exterior use. This is not much of a problem when the house is being built as professional masons know the difference; it becomes a problem when inexperienced masons and DIYers do the work, to these people “a brick is truly a brick,” they do not know the difference.

Chimney repair:

There is no easy way out when it is necessary to undertake brick repair in Chicago when the problem is spalling. The only solution is to remove the bricks in question and replace them. If it appears that the bricks are not suitable for the weather patterns in the area or the surface has been damaged by high-pressure washing, brick restoration experts can often solve the problem by applying a high quality waterproof sealant.

Over a period of time the bricks on your home will need attention. If you are looking for a company that undertakes brick repair in Chicago you are invited to call Chicago Chimney Experts.

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