Business Communications Security Solutions in Honolulu

Regardless of what forms of communication the business uses, Security Solutions in Honolulu are critical for protecting customers, clients, employees, information, and data. Breaches in confidentiality can be the result of one simple use of a business cell phone on a public network, due to the planned attack of cyber criminals, or the act of a disgruntled employee. There are several ways hackers invade business computers and telecommunications systems. New viruses, ransomware, and techniques to steal intellectual property are being developed daily.

The Cost of Security Breaches

Depending on the nature of the businesses that experience breaches in security, the cost may be minor, such as a service call from an IT company to remove a nuisance virus. Other costs can be extensive, such as lawsuits resulting from confidential information becoming public or stolen plans for a new product that renders the business unable to compete in the market. Business reputations are also destroyed in cases of security breaches. Some attacks can even shut down the electricity to an entire city or region.

Start with the Basics

Since a large percentage of hackers use infected emails to introduce viruses or steal data, train employees how to detect such emails before opening them. Develop strict policies and procedures that restrict internet use to secure networks and business-owned devices. These measures also provide a way to track who is accessing files and how often. Company data stored on personal devices is dangerous and vulnerable. It also satisfies requirements for liability insurance and proves the business measures taken to protect information. Review training and policies annually with documentation indicating which employees attended.

Advanced Solutions

Adding the most advanced Security Solutions in Honolulu to the business communications systems typically begins with a professional assessment of the current security measures. Recommendations are made, options are discussed, and quotes for solutions are provided. It is possible that security services may need to be monitored and ongoing because criminals are intelligent, hacking is becoming big business, and technology is ever-changing. Owners can go to to learn about services, solution options, quotes, and capacities to determine if security costs are worth protecting the business and all people involved.

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